Doug Smith, Head Coach:
Doug Smith hails originally from South Africa (explains the funny accent – so if you don’t understand – just ask again!!). He has been playing tennis since he was 10 and actively coaching for 28 years. He currently plays AMT circuits and is ranked 680 in Australia (not bad for such an old fella!) He is very passionate about tennis and its development. Tennis is a fantastic medium for meeting new friends, whilst also providing the opportunity to improve health and fitness. Our aim is to help and encourage children and adults of all ages to learn tennis in a fun  environment. He is a registered Cardio Tennis deliverer, Head Coach, MLC Hotshots deliverer, TOAV Court Supervisor a TOAV grade ‘B’ Linesperson and MJDS tournament Coordinator.

Jo Maples:jo
Jo Maples has been playing tennis since the age of 6 years and has been coaching for over 10 years, with a Tennis Australia Junior Development Qualification. She has travelled around Australia playing tennis as a junior and played several AMT tournaments in Queensland in 2007.  She lived on the Gold Coast for 3 years, studying Sport and Event Management and played tennis at University, representing Griffith Uni at the Australian Uni Games. She is passionate about tennis and providing juniors in the area with the opportunity to play tennis, learn and have fun.

In 2008 I became a qualified Tennis Australia Junior Development coach.  I currently play Section 1 mens competition in Albury involving singles and doubles.  I am a student of the game… always learning, always improving and always hoping to improve more.  I strongly believe in the benefits of fitness.  I share this journey and passion with my students.

I am 16 years old and have been playing tennis for  over 10 years. I started playing tournaments at age 11 and started helping coach kids for the past year. To help me develop my coaching skills I took part in the active after-schools coaching course. My main highlight of coaching is when I see that a student can achieve success out of what I have taught them.

Josh Vlcek:josh
I have been currently been coaching Hot Shots for close to twelve months. I have a large passion for tennis. I play tennis also. I play around Victoria and NSW on a regular basis. My favourite tennis player is Rafael Nadal and i aspire to be like him in the future. I hope to continue with my coaching on a larger scale as i get older and hope to do Sports Management as a career.

Sam Allen:
Hi I’m Sam Allen.

Robyn Smith:

Annie is a 16 year old student in high school. She has been playing tennis for three years and has been a lifelong fan of the professional side of Tennis. Her favourite player is Rafael Nadal and she loves going to the Australian Open every year. Annie loves coaching and working with the kids during Hot Shots Lessons. She thinks it is very important to make sure the kids are having fun and being included, while learning important tennis skills, at all times.